Four Little Things IV

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend? Today, we will wrap up on this topic by looking at one more little thing.

We have been gleaning wisdom from unconventional places by observing.

Over the the past three weeks, we have been informed through Proverbs 30:24-27 that:

The ant is a symbol of industry.

The rock badger is a symbol of borrowed strength.

The locust is a symbol of teamwork.

Let us look at our text again for today’s lesson.

“The spider skillfully grasps with its hands, And it is in kings’ palaces.” Proverbs‬ ‭30:28‬

The Hebrew rendering of this text suggests lizard- in fact a gecko, but it is not conclusive. Although, when you look at other versions of this text, the word lizard is used. The description there is not consistent with that, because the gecko doesn’t really use its hands.

So from this passage, what I personally observed from the spider is skill. That word jumped at me. Everybody is born with talent, but not all have skill. When talent is fine tuned and goes through a refining process, it is called skill.

The take home from the spider is, its skill of spinning webs or cobwebs lands him in places like a king’s palace. You will never go to places of prominence with talent.

As annoying a cobweb can be, appreciate the skill of a spider. So with this, let us learn a few on skill.

1. Talent makes you mediocre at best– talent can be overrated. Everyone has it! Talent at times is like crude oil. You can’t do much with it, though its price value on the market is high because of potential. Talent speaks of potential. You may have great prospects of “making it”, but you won’t quite get there. If we function on raw talent, we won’t have the best results.

2. Skill speaks of consistency and diligence– you don’t become skillful by dreaming or wishing. It comes through honing in your craft and that takes a lot of work- something you are prepared to do over a period of time. Developing a skill means you have to be married to a routine. In the world of sports, the difference between a superstar and a regular player is skill. A superstar has paid the price through hard work in developing raw talent.

3. Skill will take you places– the spider’s annoying craft has taken it to a place of prominence in the king’s palace. Sometimes, it is not so much about the craft, but how well you excel at the craft that will speak volumes. If it speaks volumes, it will then takes you places.

I pray to God, we will all work on our skill to be polished for the benefit of service to humanity. It has a price though, but may the spider’s inspiration spur us on. We can’t be of quality service with just talent.

Thank you all for following along over the past month. I appreciate every feedback I have received. It has greatly encouraged me and added more fuel to the fire to keep getting better. Thanks again!

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Till, I come your way again…

Peace & Love

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