Four Small Things II

“Rock badgers—they aren’t powerful, but they make their homes among the rocky cliffs.” Proverbs 30 : 26

Hello and blessed to come your way again! Last week, we started a journey on some unusual creatures who have been made the epitome of wisdom in our deliberation. We looked at the ant.

Today, we want to focus on the rock badgers or hyrax as they are called. Pay particular attention to how their weakness is first spotted- they actually have no speed or strength rendering them powerless against large predators with sharp teeth such as leopards, servals and caracals.

But the Bible admonishes us to glean some wisdom from a weak animal as that- they make their homes among the rocks.

Two things stand out from this to me:

I. They make the strength of the rock their own strength.

II. They find refuge among the strong.

The lesson driven home to me is borrowed strength. It takes humility to practice that principle, knowing you are not “all that” and you are handicapped in one way or another. Unfortunately, some believe their own hype too much not wanting to concede to that truth.

It will take being realistic to honestly assess yourself in your areas of strength and weakness; where you have great expertise and where you are totally inept. The hyrax has no problem admitting, it doesn’t have the speed of a rabbit or the strength of an elephant. It rather focuses on ‘networking’. That is, being among others to find inspiration in the things that you lack.

Another striking point is, they don’t easily expose themselves knowing their limitations. Most times, it is not wisdom to tell people what you are weak at or lacking. You can, but be very discerning with the company you are vulnerable to. The hyrax rarely ventures in the open knowing it could be a meal for another. It is why they are a scarce breed. They spend most of their time among the refuge of the rocks. That is their safe haven.

Which brings me to my last observation- who inspires you? Who has your ears, time, energy and attention? The badger’s inspiration is the rock hence the name rock badgers. What you pay attention to, what you invest in, you suddenly become!

It is okay to have shortfalls or weaknesses, but it is not okay to be a prey. The hyrax today serves as our lesson that instead of lamenting over our weaknesses, we can practice the concept of borrowed strength for our survival. Go to the hyrax and learn!

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Peace & Love.

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