“looking unto Jesus…” Hebrews‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭

We have looked at hindrances to finishing the race set before us and we have dealt with weights and unbelief. From the previous posts, we have seen the negative implications these two can impact on us

Today, let us look at the remedy to these: FOCUS

That’s right! Focus is having a “single eye” towards a task without being distracted. If we will want to amount to anything, the ability to “zone in” or key in to our assignment till it’s completed is very vital. Not focused lets you live a blunt lifestyle. Look at the sun; when you concentrate it on an object like paper through a prism, the paper will be set on fire. Why? Because the prism has the ability to focus all the sun’s rays into one place at the same time. Likewise, no matter how talented or skilled you are, if you can’t look at your assignment with a single eye and focus all your energies, you will have next to nothing or at best, minimum output

I believe as I am writing this, it has dawned on me strongly that skill or talent is not why people are not operating at their optimum capacity because every one has talent, some have skill because they developed and processed that talent into that but where the rubber meets the road, is the ability to key in and keep on going. That is focus

Now focus is powerful when it is on something. Focus is not in a vacuum. There has to be the point of focus. The verse above encourages us who to look to: JESUS CHRIST. Why? Because of all the earth’s movers and shakers in both historical and contemporary times, he is the only one who completed his race with wholeness. Look, I believe in maximizing your potential but not at the expense of your wholeness and sanity. Focusing on him draws wholeness and divine strength for your task. Above all, he is GOD.

What race was that? He came to save us from the sins of the world as was prophesied. Firstly, he didn’t allow the pleasure of living on this earth to distract him. We all like living and staying alive on this earth! Life is precious and it’s a gift to stay alive every waking morning. He lived to die whilst we are all dying to live, interesting! Let’s face it: nobody wants to die including me! He didn’t allow the betrayals of his disciples who were his friends to deter him, the pain and the embarassment of dying a gruesome death to stop him, the fear of death itself stopping him. Nothing was going to stand in the way of the timeless prophecies of his mission to the world. He was beaten, tortured and died a graphic death which Mel Gibson did well to portray an idea of in his epic blockbuster movie, The Passion of Christ. Not just that, he rose up from the dead and defeated the power of death to make a statement he is Lord over death. This is more than a fairy tale. It is a real historical event. About two weeks ago, the world celebrated an event called Easter commemorating his death, burial and resurrection

Jesus Christ is not just a prophet, a teacher or a good man as some will want you to believe. He is God; the Lord and savior of our lives. You can’t have an abstract relationship and use him as your blueprint to finishing an assignment until you develop a close, direct personal relationship with him. If you have any questions on that, let us talk. I will be willing to answer your questions on that

What makes him worth following and making him the centre of our focus if we will want to finish well? Let me quote a saying of his from the Bible

“Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.” Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬ ‭GNB‬‬

Thank God for public role models on this earth. You can use any of their life stories as tools of inspiration to get you from point A to B but all have weaknesses, loads and ‘secret struggles’ they are also looking to answers from.  Some of the biggest stars we admire and emulate to be rely heavily on brand marketing to be neatly packaged and presented as as a squeaky clean, wholesome individual who has no faults, no insecurities and can do no wrong. All it takes is for a scandal to appear and everything comes tumbling down. Nobody on this earth has promised to  carry our loads! They might give us a hand with our loads and struggles; very different from carrying though. Your favorite psychiatrist or therapist will go through your load to help you unpack and lighten it but you cannot dump your loads off him. He is not designed to carry them. People can help but will not bear your weaknesses wholeheartedly. With Jesus, he has promised to do that. Why don’t you dump off all your loads including every kind of weight and unbelief. He is designed to carry them

You finish an assignment from a point of rest and lightness which gives some sort of uninterrupted speed. That is the result of  “giving it all” to Him. You can’t win or make it in life without Christ being the centre of focus and most importantly, the Lord of your life. So before you tick all the boxes to ensure you are on the right path. One box considering ticking before you rev off onto the road of destiny, “Is Christ the centre of my focus?”

Till, I come your way again

Peace & Love

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