“…The righteous are as bold as a lion”- Proverbs 28:1

Hello, good people! Trust the weekend went well? Happy to come your way again. Today’s post should cause us to think on the true meaning of the word we will talk on- boldness!

What is it? Before we go into it, firstly let us look at what boldness is NOT.

1. Boldness is NOT rudeness- I don’t think you can put them in the same bracket. What do you think? There are some who don’t exercise discretion when talking about an issue to another in the name of boldness. Not exercising discretion can be termed unruly. Some too believe whatever comes to their minds have to be said in the name of “I am not afraid of anyone”. Anyone who uses that phrase is afraid in the first place. It is just a defense mechanism and a mask to cover what one truly fears.

2. Boldness is NOT foolhardily taking risks- boldness doesn’t mean you suspend reason and critical thinking before taking a risk. In life, we all have to embrace the chance of a risk take. Some people will just avoid taking a risk to go on the path of convenience and familiarity, which is also not good. However, don’t take a risk with reckless abandon in the name of, “I am bold”. What is your game plan? Do you have a strategy? Take a risk thoughtfully and also calculating “the risk of being in a risk”.

3. Boldness is NOT the refusal to acknowledge your fear- fear is natural and part of life. To deal with fear effectively as an emotion before it becomes a spirit controlling you, you have to acknowledge that thing that causes you fear, and decide to deal with it head on. It is just like, you see a nervous person getting ready to speak in front of an audience, and you ask, “are you nervous?”. To which he replies, “No!”. You see him sweating, panting uncontrollably, hands are shaking, knees trembling, sipping water by the minute and visiting the bathroom ever so often- it’s a telling sign. It is okay to admit, you are nervous then you can now look at ways to relax yourself. Honestly admitting your fear or inadequacy is a sign of great strength and integrity. I challenge you reading TODAY to face your fear(s) head on. Admit it, and then deal with it, rather than feigning strength (which is not there).

4. NOT all extroverts are bold- being an outgoing or an overly expressive person is not the same as exhibiting boldness. On the other hand, not all introverts too are timid. You can’t define boldness by looking at someone’s temperament, which can at times be misleading. Some of the most fearful people I have personally encountered are extroverts. Just look a bit further beyond the physical make up of a person.

We will continue this subject and attempt to define boldness. Until then, I just left you with this thought provoking piece, which will bring a different insight on boldness in your quiet time.

Till I come your way again…

Peace & Love

4 thoughts on “Boldness”

  1. God bless you Pastor. These words are thought provoking.
    You seem to be such a prolific writer. Though I don’t get the chance to read all your post, the few I have read have always been a blessing.
    I bless God for the Grace of God upon your life.
    My regards to the family

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