Hello, glad to come your way again and trust you had a good weekend? During this COVID-19 season, it is said that many people, particularly the young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 years old have been searching for and asking questions on meaning. In the past five months, I have had some conversations mainly on this topic.

With this in mind, I want to talk on meaning today which has to do with living your life’s purpose. What I know is from a combination of reading, good counsel and mentoring. Out of these, permit me to give a few pointers.

1. Live beyond yourself– there is nothing as gratifying than to stop living for yourself and think of others in the big picture. Living beyond yourself means serving one another. During this time, relationships are not only essential, but a lifeline. It starts with a smile, or a simple “hello”. Think of what you can offer today to make one’s life better. If this becomes our mindset, we will live a rich life. I am not necessarily talking about money and stuff, but rich in influence. I once heard an unconventional definition of a millionaire- one who has affected a million lives. Too many people have been cocooned in self and all they think of is “me, myself and I”. People who live like that always feel hollow. I issue a challenge to us all, that may we be the reason for someone’s joy, happiness and uplifting this month.

2. Passion– let me look at the other side of passion which is not excitement or energy. Mother Teresa is a perfect example of this. She had passion, but hers was seen as she fed the hungry, aided the distressed and cared for the poor. She did not do it with hands raised up, but with hands outstretched to feed the poor and embrace the little children. She did not shout out “Hallelujah!”, but had a quiet laughter that showed us her love for Jesus Christ. That is passion. I am talking about the quiet burden in your heart that keeps you going. Anybody that can keep on ticking is passionate. It isn’t always expressive in emotions or exuberance.

3. Your natural gifts and talents- What are you naturally inclined to do without too much effort? What brings you joy? What can you do for free without worrying about renumeration? What is your hobby? It is said, we should be careful with what we call “our hobbies”. It is also said that most hobbies are what we are naturally gifted at. Some of these questions can serve as clues. Believe it or not, everyone on this earth has a talent, and if there has ever been a time to showcase your talent. Now is the time. Why wait?

I trust you have been inspired by today’s post. Please, I will like to read your comments. Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t. I will also appreciate your likes and shares on today’s post.

God bless and till I come your way again…

Peace & Love

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