Peace III: A Garrison

“and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:7

Hello, I trust we all had a restful weekend? Today, we continue on our Peace series. In part I, we realized that true peace comes from Jesus Christ. Last week’s was about peace which is beyond understanding. There is no logic or basis to that.

Today, based on our scripture passage, let us look at peace as a garrison. A careful look at the verse above suggests the underlined word guard has the same etymological meaning as garrison. What is a garrison? It is a fortified town where troops are stationed to fight and protect against enemies. I guess if you have watched any of the war movies, you kinda get a picture, right? Now let us look into what peace guards according to this verse.

1. Peace guards our hearts- our hearts are the seat of our value system, beliefs, priorities and practices. In these times of this devastating pandemic, it is easy for your value system to be out of place. Our priorities and beliefs can come under attack. Peace ensures those things are intact. Peace also fights against the force of bitterness. It is easy to get bitter when you are laid off your job, lost a loved one to this COVID-19, and so much more. We have a right to be angry at this outcome, but NOT bitter. Bitterness is a poisonous emotional reaction if not dealt with, makes us retrogress. It is hard for a heart guarded with peace to be poisoned by bitterness.

2. Peace guards our minds- our minds are the centers of our thought life. As the mind is, so is the man (or woman). Peace ensures that we have a sound mental health. Many minds have been attacked during this crisis. Suicide rate is on a gradual climb as a result. Life has a way of breaking your intelligence into pieces and will leave you having more questions than answers. That is a harsh reality of life- it can be brutal. Peace also help us to apply critical thinking, have a strategy and be innovative in these times. That is the offspring of a sound mind.

Peace is indeed a garrison! From today, see peace as a powerful weapon. We truly need peace in these times to keep our heads above water.

I pray for anyone reading today that may you experience the peace of God- this peace that surpasses understanding and is a garrison.

May we all come out of this dark episode we are currently experiencing with a sane mind and a soft heart.

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Till I come your way again…

Peace & Love

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