COVID-19 is teaching me

This year has quite been interesting, to say the least. No one could have predicted this present predicament we are in at the moment, but at the end of the day, what can we really do?

Are we going to see a silver lining behind the cloud? I realize that in life, you can’t choose the (bad) hand you are dealt with , but you have absolute power in your response to it and how you play that (bad) hand to your advantage.

I want to start on an encouraging note that, this pandemic will pass and yes, 2020 is and will still be a great year irrespective of what we have seen in the past four months. I am not of the belief that 2020 should be cancelled as it has become a popular hashtag trending on social media sites. I also don’t believe that we should look forward to next year whilst skipping this year hurriedly.

I pray as you read this, you will gain a different perspective and light on how you view this current situation. No way, am I undermining the countless deaths, the fear and angst among the masses; and all the horrible evils associated with this COVID-19 pandemic. My heart goes out to all severely impacted.

Quite honestly, this episode has got me thinking a lot which provoked me to use this platform. They are lessons I have learnt in this short time, and will share just seven of them over a two week period.

1. The world is indeed a global village– this world we live in is inter-related and inter-dependent. What affects me in a different geographical terrain has a bearing on this world. A virus that started in Wuhan in China, reportedly, has been able to keep this world presently under siege. It teaches me that I don’t have a private life, rather a personal life, because whatever I do matters to the next person home and away. If the world understands this concept, the schisms and divisions among us will subside.

2. Home is where the heart is– the heart of the matter is home. Now almost the whole world has come to a standstill and, we are forcibly quarantined against our will to stay home. People are working from home. I have seen some sports and talk shows broadcast from home. When I talk of the home, I am referring to the family unit. After all is said and done, the family reigns supreme above all. If you were a workaholic spending 80 hours a week away from home, that is not the story today. Of course, you will go back to work, but have proper priorities on what is number one. We have to focus on strengthening family ties and perhaps spend more time building the home than any other place, for that matter.

3. Relationships too matter- asides the family, the relationships we have built over the years will carry us a long way, especially in times like this where one can feel lonely. I heard an old wise man say, “man was not created for things, but for relationships”. That really ministered to me and I have taken that with me everywhere. We must focus and strive to build healthy relationships. It gives us goodwill in life. In my estimation, goodwill is more important than wealth. Mother Teresa comes to mind as I write. How much did she really have? Yet, she affected the world through goodwill.

God-willing, will continue next week. Stay safe, follow the CDC guidelines, be full of hope. There is light at the end of this tunnel.

Please say a prayer for all the first responders and essential workers. We are thankful for their services.

Keep well!

Till I come your way again…

Peace & Love

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