Strategic relationships

Hello, trust you have had a good weekend’s rest? Last week was a holiday on my side of town, so I just took advantage of it to rest hence not posting.

Today, I want us to focus on strategic relationships. What do I mean when I talk about that? I am not looking at the popular business definition, rather more at a relationship that gives you a vantage point to ascend up. These relationships in a bigger picture should be more than just socializing, having fun and having a good time. All of us should have certain friends for that.

This has more to do with purpose. In my own words, I see strategy as planning to get a leg up. Why do you plan if you don’t want to rise above the norm? When I think of strategy, the military comes into mind. The war is won in the boardroom first, then the troops on ground just enforce that. That is a strategy or a stratagem for that matter.

Everybody needs certain kind of relationships in this life, and this is different from your friends who you pass time with or engage in sports debates and the like.

1. Everybody needs a mentor– a mentor is a trusted teacher or coach. It is said, “the safest way to walk through a game park inhabited by wild animals is to follow the warden”. Mentors in a sense embody that. They are the portraits of your future and mostly have your ear. Please, with caution, choose your mentors wisely. If you want to be a faithful married husband, you can’t have a womanizer as your trusted advisor. Nobody knows it all! You set yourself up for failure if you think you have all the answers. In life too, it is good to be accountable to someone, so that you don’t go haywire. Mentors ensure that you stay on the straight and narrow.

2. Everybody needs a contemporary- look for people who are on the same path and on the same step ladder. You need people like that to trade ideas with and encourage each other. Unfortunately, most relationships of this nature breeds envy and unnecessary competition. To have a contemporary, both have to be secure and okay with being themselves. Contentment is key to making it work. If you are looking to be the smarter out of the two, more successful out of the two and are not thinking of corporate success; this relationship should be skipped. However, not every thing can be shared with a mentor, it is necessary to have a friend who has your view points and probably traveling on the same road as yours.

3. Everybody needs a protégé- personally, I can’t think of any greater satisfaction than to reach out and inspire someone younger and inexperienced who intends traveling the path I have been. One way or another, you can be a coach and an encourager to someone. It puts life in perspective. We shouldn’t focus on living for ourselves that we neglect others. People need guidance; some are open to admit that, the rest might think they are good which might be obvious they aren’t. Everybody has a story, a life experience that someone can benefit of and from. Think of yourself that you have something to offer after reading this. Too many people don’t think so.

I think there is no perfect time than NOW to invest into relationships. The dividends will show. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog with your feedbacks. I really do appreciate that.

Till I come your way again…

Peace & Love

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