“Use your time well, for these are evil days.” Ephesians 5:16‬ ‭CJB‬‬

Good to be on this platform again! Wow, we have just finished the first half of the year and now in the middle of week 27. I trust you have had a good first half? Within the twinkle of an eye, we will be wishing each other season’s greetings. Couldn’t post on Monday because I had writer’s block dealing with this post. I am determined to post this week hence the uncharacteristic timing

Let us talk about time. What about it? I must admit on a personal level that there is something about time I don’t get. It is difficult to place. What are your thoughts? For me, what I know is that, we have been put on this earth to be good stewards of our time. The managing of it well will determine your placement in this life.

The verse quoted above encouraged me and I want to bring it to this public forum. I believe how you use time also speaks of your level of wisdom. I heard an old wise man quipped, “there are three things you can do with time: you spend, waste or invest it, but the best option out of the three is to invest it”. I want to share my few thoughts on time

1. Time waits for no one– we have been given the gift of 86400 seconds which is equal to 1440 minutes and the same as 24 hours a day. Please, understand that when you lose one second of it, you cannot gain it back. The clock will tick away independent of how you feel; whether your tasks for the day have been completed or not, whether your deadlines have been met or not. Each and every day we grow old and get a day closer to our time of death. We have to learn to get in the rhythm of the day to make things happen sometimes. It may not be conducive, but the reality is time waits for no one

2.  Time is finite– you may disagree! Time has a beginning and an end on this earth. If time is infinite, will we have history and also talk about the future? You see, I am just thinking aloud on a concept I am still trying to understand. Time has a calendar and a time zone depending on the part of the earth you live. I heard a saying that, “the opportunity of a lifetime should be seized in the lifetime of that opportunity”. That statement changed how I viewed time from that day. Opportunities happen or stop under the element of time. That is also why human beings have a timeline. It is finite. It is not everlasting, else we will still be interacting with our great, great, great grandparents. The finiteness of time should inform our choices, our priorities, how we want our legacies written and so on. People who see time as infinite play around too much, not counting the consequences of such a perception.

3. You will never have enough of it– 24 hours in a day and that is it! Everything you have to do in a day including sleep is subjected to 24 hours. We have to be good timekeepers and time managers to maximize its usage. I believe all of us at one point felt, “today is not enough, I need more time”. This to me, makes time a mystery

Twenty six weeks gone! Left with another twenty six, what will you do with the rest of the time? What story are you writing with your life? What projects are you undertaking? Let me take this opportunity to wish you a better and greater second half! May God grace us with good health 

This is by far the most difficult post to write. My mind was really stretched and has gone places to scribble this opus. Hope I made some sense? I value your feedback and will like to read your thoughts. Please, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to this blog

Till I come your way again…

Peace & Love

10 thoughts on “Time”

  1. This was definitely a good one! Enjoyed it very much! When one talks or deals with time we get into a bit of a philosophical, theological and scientific battle. Time definitely needs to be used wisely by us mortal beings. Time waits for no one and is a resource well spent as an investment. Time for God, I would argue, however, is infinite which is why we have a place called eternity. We must keep in mind that we are spiritual beings having a natural experience, which is why time gets tricky. And funny enough we have people attempting to build time machines and sci-fi movies on the topic.

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