“Have a break, have a Kit Kat”

This is a popular catchphrase from a KitKat commercial. It portrays the message that you can’t enjoy the product till all things around you cease. To enjoy life, sometimes all things around you need to come to a stop- it is called a break

Life becomes beautiful and an experience when it is lived in balance. Some make the mistake of been at the two ends of the stick; work and work-extreme, play and play-extreme. You miss out! Don’t take your living or existence on this earth for granted. Life is multi layered and very multifaceted. Do something for once that will cause you to move out of the status quo; break the mould. Learn how to enjoy the breath of fresh air around you savoring another chance why it is good to be alive every waking morning

You are able to have a better perspective of life when you take a break. If you are a student, school goes on break- you have had your fill! If you are unemployed, this doesn’t apply to you because you are “cruising”, man. I am talking to people who work and that includes stay at home parents

If you don’t come apart, you will come apart

Meaning if you don’t take time to rest and call it a day at a point in your life, you will break down bodily, mentally and emotionally. The danger of grinding and going on and on can have some far reaching implications, negatively speaking.

When I talk of going on a break or holiday, I am not talking about traveling. If you have the money, then fine. If not, don’t put a strain on your finances. Holiday comes to an end and you are back to reality- paying your rent, utilities, going back to work… some people just go crazy and wild as if a break means the end of the world and living. I for one don’t understand why you should go for a holiday and come back broke.

A holiday to me means taking a break off work to rest and come back to what you were doing refreshed. Some people have the notion that the harder they grind without taking days off, that shows they are “hard workers”. Yes! My friend, you may be working hard but not working smart. In my opinion, hard work sometimes is overrated. I believe in working hard but also working smart- you need both to be productive

Anyway, let us consider some benefits of rest. Summer is almost over. Take advantage of that season for a break before it is too late

1. You become reflective

A break doesn’t mean you shut your mind off in relentless pursuit of fun. That is how many spend their break. They have no evaluation of what was done prior to the break so they don’t do better when they get back to the job. A break affords you the opportunity to look at what you did in the past to make any necessary adjustments- what were your past failures, past successes, strengths, weaknesses, what opportunities did you blow and what will you do if it comes your way again? I am not advocating for overthinking on your days off. That is also not a holiday either. I am just saying that whilst having fun, take a moment to be accountable

2. You become contemplative

You are able to enjoy the present which is a gift to us all. Once you go on a break, you can enjoy that walk you seldomly miss because of work, you are able to feel the beach sand in between your toes, go to the cinema or catch up on some leisure reading. I hear the youth using this expression, “stay woke”. When you “stay woke” in the present, you and I will have an appreciation for nature. Don’t feel guilty having fun on your day off. You deserve that break. It is okay not to answer every call, respond to every text message. Take a break off social media. Life can be good and fun sometimes when you are locked in the present

3. You become imaginary

Imaginary has to do with the future. When you evaluate your past, you now become better informed on what to do next once your holiday is over. Come back from your holiday a better person mentally- your mental focus should be sharper. Is it really a holiday when I come back more sluggish? Come back from your holiday a better person bodily- resting rejuvenates the body cells and prevents it from breaking down. Come back from your holiday a better person emotionally- what is the point coming back bitter and STILL holding on to past unforgivable experiences? Above all, come back better like a well oiled machine for a high powered performance at what you do in your work

Bless yourself with a holiday. Let that gift be your personal investment to yourself and with your loved ones you will take it with

Till I come your way again

Peace & Love

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