Overcoming worry

The last post on worry dealt with its stress and disadvantages. There is nothing positive or good on worry to write home about. Today, let us see how we can overcome worry. As human beings, the tendency to worry will always be there but we can overcome the habit of worrying

Some people worry for worry’s sake, others; because of a general anxiety disorder. I don’t know which category you fall into, I came as a messneger of good news in this post to publish there is help, hope and healing. Please join me as we go through some time tested truths

1. Seeking God

“Instead, be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what he requires of you, and he will provide you with all these other things.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬ ‭GNB‬‬

Now you may ask what does that mean? It means to develop a relationship with God. How do you develop one with Him? Well, through Jesus Christ who declared, “he is the way…” He boldly declared that when on earth and what way he is unto? The way is unto God. Man has an innate desire to go on a spiritual journey to connect with any deity or higher power. Some have realized the need to connect to God. The problem is many don’t know the way to God and try many man made methods which in the end makes them doubt the very existence of God. I tell you what is natural- looking for God is; because no matter how famous and wealthy you become, that hole will never be filled until God has taken that very place in your life. Being an atheist is not natural- it has never been proven scientifically that one can be. It normally comes out of our frustration of seeking for a higher power, trying to make sense of a thing particularly certain issues on this earth that will drive many to that decision. An atheist view is a choice not a gene

“Jesus said to him, “ I am the [only] Way [to God] and the [real] Truth and the [real] Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” ‭‭JOHN‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭AMP‬‬

The way to seek God is through Jesus. He is the only way- I don’t believe in religious brainwashing nor to argue out facts when it comes to a matter of faith or belief. However, I wanted to point out more than a fact which is truth from the world’s best selling book of all time in the Bible. Facts are subjective and can also be relative. Facts can be based on appearances which can be a bit misleading. Truth on the other hand is far more superior to fact. It is not based on any of what you read on facts some seconds ago but hard evidence of a reality. So you might be on a spiritual quest reading this; searching for answers, seeking God, wanting some inner peace and serenity. I have good news- look no further than unto Jesus- who is the only way to God. I am open to questions on this.

Worry tends to come mostly from ‘things’ we are looking for. What is your ‘thing’? You will have your ‘thing’ or ‘things’ when a relationship with God is formed. That deals with worry to the root. Can you imagine having a trustworthy friend who has got your back? It causes you to have some peace knowing someone is vouching for you. May I tell you something? God is much more than that! Come to him through Jesus and find out the hard evidence for yourself

As you become closer with God, the offspring of that relationship is your value system will change- you will begin to esteem the things that he esteems

“No, the LORD has told us what is good. What he requires of us is this: to do what is just, to show constant love, and to live in humble fellowship with our God.” ‭‭Micah‬ ‭6:8‬ ‭GNB‬‬

Some of his requirements are doing what is right- justice, walking in love and in fellowship with God. How do you have fellowship with God? Through prayer and reading the Bible. Now there are many downloadable Bible apps which are free. Listening to audio Bible is a great way of connecting to God and having fellowship

2. Planning

“Planning ahead will protect you, and understanding will guard you.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭2:11‬ ‭ERV‬‬

Planning will protect you from anxiety and worry. Most therapists who deal with stress management issues and anxiety disorders in their patients recommend living life by design and been intentional- that means you will have a schedule or a plan, have the discipline to stick to and through it. The bare reality is people who are worried often have disorganized thoughts and no calendar nor do they even value how time is used

If we live life by default- ‘anything kinda goes’ attitude; we will always live life on the edge which is not the best if we want to live a life of maximum impact and results. So please believe in the power of the pen and a notebook. Believe in solitude and times of quietness because it is in the womb of quietness that creativity is conceived. Sit and write down some goals for today, this week and for the month. We are almost through the first half of the year. Time waits for no man! If you are tech savvy, then apps like Evernote are highly recommended.

May you live a life of constantly overcomiing worry so that you can soar to new heights and function at your most optimum capacity. Please carefully consider these two truths and apply them to see results. You will thank me later

Till I come your way again…

Peace & Love

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