“Vision is a mental picture or portrait of a preferable and desirable future communicated by the Holy Spirit which becomes your pursuit”- Rev. Richard Kwarteng-Siaw

I hope you had a great week? In this part of our world, it was a holiday, so I had a longer weekend. Today, let us turn our thoughts on the subject of vision. I have read on and heard a lot on this particular subject, but this definition I quoted is by far the best one in my book. 

I believe the true source of vision comes from God. Seek God in prayer for a vision. In all instances, the manufacturer knows more than the manufactured and in this case, there is no exception: the creator knows more than the creature. I am a man of faith and believe that this world and all that is in it including humanity was created by God. As much as it is good to know your strengths, talents and skills, sometimes these indicators are not the best at informing you your vision.

Vision starts as an idea in your mind and and birthed in your heart which becomes a sort of guidance or purpose for your very existence in life. When we talk about vision, it is imperative to talk about mission, goals and values. So what is a mission? It is the framework (plan) on what to do to accomplish the vision. To make your plan actionable, this is where goals come in. It is breaking the plan into bite size tasks which is measurable and also realistic. Values have to do with your conviction or beliefs. 

So in summation, we have understood that:

  • A vision is an idea
  • A mission is a plan
  • A goal is the action 
  • Values have to do with your personal conviction(s)

Next year’s summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan. The athlete competing has a vision (idea) to win the 100 meters gold medal. He states his mission (plan) to work 18 hours a week in fulfilment of that vision. He has a goal (action) of working 3 hrs in 6 days every week till the time of the event draws nigh. Out of the vision, he develops values (beliefs) which include discipline (waking up every morning putting in 3 hours), consistency (doing it six days week after week), a healthy diet (can’t eat or drink anything) among many others. Cited this example to bring today’s subject home.

I pray today’s post will not only inform but inspire you! Go for gold! Be encouraged if you don’t have a vision and decide today is the day to be intentional and on purpose. If you have one, you too, be encouraged and believe for the very best.

I value your feedback and let me thank all who take time to give it. It is encouraging and much appreciated! Last week’s post on Time received a great feedback. Most sent me texts on my personal phone and called me. Please do leave your comments here. I will prefer if it is posted here. Our community can learn from each other.

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Till, I come your way again…

Peace & Love

10 thoughts on “Vision”

  1. Very important in life for everyone to have a
    Vision and a purpose. I have always found that vision serves like a guide. You are what you think. If your vision tells you that it’s too late, or you can’t achieve it then that’s what you will be. And the key to making sure your vision is correct and not just some waste of time is to get with God! Nice one …

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  2. Good one there… this is an eye opener to me… I need to stay focus on my vision and nurture it, till its accomplished… thank you and God bless you Rev. Steve

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  3. I have a vision to build. With prayer and hard work, I will attain the gold 🏅 medal just as Moses did in Eco 40:33-34. Thank you so much. More blessings.

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